Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recycled semi-hideous canvas painting

Whilst cleaning out and organizing my parents’ spare bedroom/junk room, I found a bunch of canvas paintings all rolled up and stuffed away. They were found at my dad’s shop, aka a delightful haven of junk. I looked through them and discarded any that were too ruined to be of use, and set aside the ones that actually had potential to be framed.

There was one that I was torn on, whether it was hideous or just charming enough. I decided it was charming enough to not get chucked, but I only liked the flowery portion of the painting and not the cheesy pastel coloured sky with lady in dress walking in the distance that looked like something straight out of the mint-and-peach bathroom of our old house circa 1990:

So I decided to salvage the parts I liked, and since I had a collection of smaller frames waiting to be filled, and the colours of the flowers would work well in my bedroom, I framed selected portions of the painting to this effect…

I was pleased with the results! But I still had a bunch of pretty bits left… the scraps from fitting in the frames. So I decided I was up for another quick project, and further salvaged the scraps by sticking them to some sheets of magnet and creating some purdy decorations for the fridge:

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