Monday, May 28, 2012

Scout Handmade + Vintage Market

This year my new years resolution was to use my artistic and creative abilities on a regular basis. I did pretty good until February, preparing for my wedding, but after that I have massively failed. True, I am a graphic designer by day, but to me, that so doesn't count. I was going in the right direction when I opened my Etsy shop, LoveDoveCreations, but lets just say business hasn't been booming (....yet?).

On the weekend my mom and I decided to check out Scout Handmade + Vintage Market here in Abbotsford. Admittance was $2, and it was totally worth it just for the "eye candy" and to reignite the creative desire in me that's been bogged down lately with budgeting and meal planning and insect-watching and cleaning. There were so many good ideas (and lots of ideas that I've had but failed to act on).

Lots of refinished furniture, handmade jewelery and clothing, design ideas, vintage clothing and items, and handmade baby goods. I may or may not have picked up a thing or two for upcoming birthdays!

Enjoy some pics and some links to the local vendors, where I could remember. Otherwise check out the list of vendors for links.

I really liked the dropcloth (been thinking of dropcloth curtains lately)

Raggy Girl (I think...)

 My mom wanted a picture of the cute cushion on this stool but my camera washed it out :/

some vintage delights 

Vintage Home had some absolutely beautiful furniture, pillows, cushions, picture frames, and lots of stuff I recognized from my grandparents!

Ruby Ruby was a fun booth with tons of antiques and knick-knacks. Some steampunk-lookin' stuff too. Sorry random people, but at least you aren't facing the camera. 

No idea who these belonged to, but I thought the burlap around the wire lampshade was pretty cool.

 Another lampshade idea that I loved. Shredded dropcloth.

This was one of my favourite booths. The apothecary bottles like the ones I made for my wedding, the distressed painted cupboard doors and dressers.

More painted lamps and stamped cushions. Unfortunately I can't find which vendor this was!

This booth was like a little mini wonder emporium. What compelled me to take a picture was the medical illustration, to remind myself that I've been meaning to make some art using my Gray's Anatomy textbook (instead of just using it to kill spiders...) 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Steampunk Eye Candy

One of my wedding creations listed on my Etsy shop, LoveDoveCreations, was featured on TotusMel's Wonderkammer. It's a fun blog full of steampunky goodness! If you like steampunk, check out her blog where she features all kinds of eye candy. The featured piece of mine was a custom portrait of my brother-in-law:

Check out the blog for lots of inspiring pictures and artwork!

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