Monday, March 12, 2012

Steamy, Buttery, Cupcakery

Back in November you'll remember I was busy looking up steampunk wedding cake ideas for my steampunk themed wedding, and I shared some of the amazing cake designs I found in a post called Steampunk Wedding Cake Extravaganzaaaa!

Now I want to share the photos of the steampunk cupcakes I had at my wedding!

Hand-formed fondont decorations and little jewels decorated the cupcakes

We decided to go with cupcakes for our wedding, not only because they are so much easier (no cutting! self serve!) than a cake, but also because after sampling our vendors butter-cream icing, we fell in love with it.

This big mama isn't just all icing... it's a gigantic cupcake inside a white-chocolate shell and smothered in thick, buttery, creamy icing! Mmmmm...

These absolutely beautiful cupcakes were made by Melissa from Buttercream Couture. She hand-made all those gears, cogs, flowers, and other steampunk-y shapes out of fondont. I gave her some ideas of what I liked/didn't like and she took my ideas and went further than I expected with them! Please check out her blog or Facebook page, and enjoy these scrumptious photos of my steampunk wedding cupcakes!

"Our Fantastic Voyage" was the theme of our cupcake display.
Here you can see we used maps, old trunks, and my model airships

By the way, if you're interested to know more about our steampunk themed wedding, head over to Bailey's Brides where our day-of-wedding co-ordinator posted all about it! Thanks to my friend Allyson for the beautiful photos, I'm so glad all the details got captured.


  1. I kick myself for not eating one!! Repeatedly. To the head.
    Also, on the wedding planner's website she credits Royal Oak Weddings for all photos, but the first 5 are mine :P

  2. I think I ate at least two of these, if not three. This was by far the best buttercream icing I have ever eaten.

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