Saturday, November 19, 2011

Steampunk Wedding Cake Extravaganzaaaaa!

k, not steampunk at all, but frakkin' awesome!

Well, it's been a while. I've been busy with wedding planning, wedding planning, wedding planning! 

I tackled designing the invitations myself from scratch. Now the invitations and RSVP cards are complete, along with homemade envelopes... and mailed! Now we sit back and wait.... hah..

Today my mother, my fiance, and I, met with Melissa from Buttercream Couture. I was introduced to her at the Fraser Valley Wedding Swap a few weeks ago. Her cupcakes are delicious, and I could literally eat a whole vatt of the buttercream icing. Oh yes, it's my bag baby. So good. We met with her to discuss pricing and throw around ideas. She is extremely excited about the prospect of a steampunk theme for the cakes. Apparently, almost every wedding she's done this year has been "Tiffany blue" (gag). She was brimming full of ideas.

Honestly, I hadn't really given cake ideas much thought, I've been busy with everything else milling around in my brain. I was excited that she was excited. And not just, "act into it for the customer" excited. She almost peed when I showed her our invitations. So I thin this will be a lot of fun for her, and us.

I'm hoping to make the cupcakes an extravagant display, rather than just placing them on a table in a pyramid. Naturally, I googled steampunk wedding cake ideas. They are so gorgeous!

*UPDATE* To see the steampunk wedding cupcakes I ended up with for my wedding (they're gorgeous!), check out my post Steamy, Buttery, Cupcakey

have you seen these edible button cakes?

kekeke... steampunk "buggies" cake topper

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  1. glad that meeting went well! i considered going but didn't want too many "cooks in the kitchen", and figured it was more of a couple-y treat, to get to sample the cupcakes. Can't wait to see what u guys come up with!


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