Monday, September 26, 2011

Red Head Redemption

"Ohhh, alright" by Roy Lichtenstein

I have decided to pay honour to the red hair I had for three weeks. As a naturally very dark brunette, becoming a flaming redhead for three weeks is no small feat! Especially when there is old black hair dye and bright blue streaks involved. But I did it. Even after three different shades of red, I still couldn't find the exact shade I'd always wanted to try on myself - and after all the bleaching and dyeing my hair couldn't take much more experimenting - so I finally went back to black.

My short stint as a redhead.

 And so now I shall live vicariously through these paintings of beautiful red hair. Enjoy!

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema - "Spring Flowers"

 "Perdita" - Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys

"Alice Guerin" - Paul César Helleu

Mary Cassatt - "Maternal Kiss" 1896.

Mary Cassat - "At the Theater (aka Lydia Cassatt Leaning on Her Arms, Seated in a Loge)" 1879-1880

"Lady with a Red Hat" - Frank Duveneck

Pierre Auguste Renoir - "Seated Girl with Blue Background", 1890

Laura Muntz Lyall (1860-1930) -  "The Little Red Hair"

"Helen of Troy" -  Anthony Frederick Sandys

François Boucher - Title unknown to me

John Hughes - "In The Grass"

William Holman Hunt - "Amaryllis"

Jules-Joseph Lefebvre - "Mary Magdalen in the Grotto"

"Melancholy" - Jean-Jacques Henner

William McGregor Paxton - "Girl Combing Her Hair"

I don't know the artist or title for this one.

Frederick Sandys - Love's Shadow

Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer - "Eve"

George Frederic Watts - "Portrait Study of a Girl with Red Hair"

Władysław Ślewiński (Polish, 1854-1918) - "Woman Brushing her Hair"


  1. cue Bruno Mars... "girl you're amazing, just the way you aaaaare"

  2. You don't wanna know how many times a day they play that song at work. WAY TOO MANY.


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