Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Engaging Engagement Photos

Well, I've officially been engaged since August 3rd, and as of yet have not gone about getting any decent engagement pictures taken. In a situation like mine, where money is a huge issue, I see engagement photos as more of a frivality. I'd still like to take some, just so I have some awesome pictures of my sweetie and me together. 

I even wrote out a list of creative ideas we could try. Whether we ever get around to trying them remains to be seen, but in the meantime here are some of the more cute, clever, or creative engagement photos that I came across online the other day. Enjoy!

Artistic/Theatrical Creativity
A salute the the famous painting "American Gothic", by Joy Marie Photography.

Same creative couple as above, this time a salute to Superman. Joy Marie Photography. Click here to see the rest of the photos from this session.
Click Here to see the rest of the photos from this shoot.

Creative Chalkboard Photoshoot, by Ben Blood. Check out the rest of this adorable photoshoot here

A singapore couple's chalkboard seasons by OneEyeClick

"Theatrical" engagement shoot by Hi Fi Weddings

 Outings or Event Themes

Zach + Sara seaside shoot by Jagger Photography

Christa Kimble Photography

Vintage Travel Inspired Engagement shoot (with a yellow airplane!) by Alison Conklin Photography

It's a nice day for a wet wedding. Allebach Photography

Maybe I'm just kinky, but I thought this was great. Caitlin Blue, aka ~ComaBlue on Deviantart.

Balloons and Props

Made U Look Photography - Paper Hearts

White Balloons fill up a room!
Photographs by Brittany Esther
Inspired by the pages of books... Micah & Megan Photographers

Some cutesy stuff with props from Maile Lani Photography

Artists with balloons and a quilt from Green Wedding Shoes

Gotta be one of my favourites. I love it. 1314 Studio Photography.

Another favourite of mine!! Daniel Kiyoi

Remember these guys? Co-ordinated sweaters is the prop. Ben Blood


I love this americana motorcycle couple. By Lauren Ledbetter

 Lighting and Effects
Allebach Photography
Beautiful rain capture (okay so its a wedding photo, not an engagement photo) by Matt Adock of FlashFlavor.com
I love the magical backlighting. By Luke Pickerill Photography
Again, the night-time backlighting... Miller + Miller Photography
A beautiful engagement photo with sunlight streaming from behind. Samantha Kurtz Photography
Out in Nature
Hiding in the greenery - Allebach Photography

Allyson Conklin Photography

Scent of Lavender ... Ausnippets Photography
Alyssa Schroeder

Rapeseed fields of the English countryside. Thaoski.com/Ausnippets Photography
Very Romantic tree photoshoot. Ausnippets Photography

Special Editing/Other cutesy stuffs

Split screen! By Jagger Photography

Jen n Joe by acgphotography
Another winner by Alison Conklin
Well I found this on stumbleupon and have no idea who to credit for it...
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  1. name the date, my friend, and me and my camera will be there!

  2. What the? I didn't even know you had this blog... you shoulda told me!

  3. Welcome! Thanks Ason, I don't know why everything is getting procrastinated these days.

  4. Thank you for including one of my engagement photos. I just saw this now :)

  5. These are some really creative photos! I’m also getting engaged soon, and next week is our couple photoshoot. Would definitely show these to my photographer for some inspiration. Hopefully, we will also have some great photos to share from the photo shoot as well as the wedding ceremony which will be at one of the popular wedding venues Los Angeles.


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